Methods of Instruction, State Mandated Registration & School Start Info

July 31, 2020


Dear Newman Families,

Please see the following update on starting of school and details on the methods of instruction that are offered, so you can make informed decisions. Please review the information for each option below. Registration must be completed at Newman 2020/21 Online/In-Person Registration Page and submitted by Thursday, August 6, 2020 (one week before school begins). Please complete one registration per child.


Please note that on-line learning is worth consideration only if much parental involvement is feasible. Otherwise students will regress in their learning. Parents must be able to provide help and guidance in the area of PE/athletics and other co-curricular activities for students to be healthy in body and mind. Newman Academy encourages students and families to choose in-person instruction although it will receive funding from the State for both methods of instruction. 


Students go back to school Thursday, August 13th, 2020. Both online instruction and in-person instruction will begin at that time.

Options: In-person Instruction OR Online Instruction



We strongly believe that face-to-face learning and connection is the most beneficial for a vast majority of students. With guidance from the Texas Education Agency on the requirements to safely reopen schools this fall, Newman International Academy’s top priority has, and always will be, the safety and well-being of our students, families, and staff.



Social distancing and desk spacing will be adhered to as much as instructionally possible. Regarding the wearing of masks, we will be required to comply with the governor’s executive order until it ends (masks for those ages 10 and older, for those who do not have asthma or other physical conditions which prohibit mask-wearing, except when outdoors, when eating, and when exercising/playing at recess). PPE and face masks will be provided by the district to students and staff as needed. 

Note that wearing of masks will be optional at Newman when there is no health ordinance that mandates wearing of masks.



Depending on classroom capacity, some classes may take place in non-traditional classroom spaces to allow for social distancing as required. 



Blended learning will be an integral part of instruction. 



Students will be spread out in specials such as PE (PE will be outdoors as much as possible), and students will not be gathered in large groups for programs (POWWOWS will be held in classrooms rather than in large assemblies at this COVID-19 time).

Dismissal will be staggered to accommodate spreading students out further than usual.

Breakfast and lunch will be served while limiting the number of students in the cafeteria at one time, and while following other health protocols.



Extra hand sanitizing bottles will be placed in every classroom and in highly trafficked areas. Each teacher’s classroom will also be stocked with products to clean and sanitize desks, chairs, tables, doors, handles, etc. all throughout (and at the end) of each day. 

Parents will be assisted at the front desk behind plexiglass with items they need to drop off/pick-up, questions answered, etc.; however, visitors will not be allowed elsewhere in the building at this time. 

Water fountains will be off limits at this time. 

Students will use restrooms 2-3 at a time to avoid over-crowding or unsanitary uses.

Teachers and staff will self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to campus each day.

All students and staff will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms regularly, and individuals who present with symptoms will be separated and sent home. Anyone on campus who tests positive for COVID-19 will notify the school administrator right away. The district will then notify its local health department, in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. 

Teachers will monitor students and refer to the nurse if symptoms are present (CDC symptoms and best practices will be viewed and shared weekly).

Students and staff members displaying COVID-19 symptoms will follow district protocols including isolation from students and other staff members. Students or staff who come into close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual will be asked to self-quarantine for a minimum of 14 days and may not return to campus during that time; however, teachers and students will continue instructing & learning remotely during that time if possible. 

As additional COVID-19 protocols are released by TEA, Newman will adjust district protocols and will communicate them with all students, parents, faculty, and staff.



Parents will not be allowed to walk students to classrooms at this time.

When possible, one-way traffic throughout campus hallways and corridors will be followed. 



These activities are an important part of our school, and we are still planning on providing these opportunities at this time. These activities will also be open to students who are enrolled in online instruction. Please note that Newman will abide by UIL and TCAF guidelines regarding COVID protocols.  Currently, the recommendation is to have athletic activities outdoors.



This program will be offered as usual within the bounds of COVID-19 protocol.



Parents will need to actively monitor and assist their students daily to ensure their success with virtual learning. Students are required to complete online work daily (however, it may be at their own pace; it does not need to be during regular school hours).  Teachers will help intermittently with student learning and progress.  Students will need access to quality internet, a printer, and have the ability to scan in student work to their child’s teacher on a regular basis. For students who do not have a reliable device in the home, NIA will loan one to them. Families may change their decision to remain in the on line learning setting at the end of every nine weeks grading period. However, if circumstances change, requests to move from one mode of instruction to the other will be individually evaluated. Online Newman students may still participate in on-campus activities such as athletics and other co-curricular activities, socials, field trips, PSC events, etc. More information will be communicated about these throughout the school year.

Students who select Online Learning will be required to participate in on-campus vision, hearing, and spinal screenings on campus—these will be scheduled during the school year.

Students who transferred from a private school or homeschool are required to attend on-campus instruction for a portion of the school year. Newman will communicate separately with those students regarding how to meet this requirement.


Online Pre-K Students – Teachers and students will work within the Canvas platform. Teachers will deliver pre-recorded video lessons daily. Assignments will be posted for parents to print out and have their child complete. Parents will then submit their child’s work digitally.  (Extensive parent support will be necessary).  For parents who are unable to submit student work digitally, arrangements may be made for drop off and pick up of packets.


All Online K-12 Students
Teachers and students will work within the Canvas platform. Teachers will deliver lessons in a variety of methods, including: whole class ZOOM sessions, small group ZOOM sessions, pre-recorded and selected embedded videos, and writing assignments & worksheets that may need to be printed out at home. For curriculum and apps, we will use Pathblazer and MAP (for assessment and intervention). Student support staff may schedule ZOOM classes with parents and students to accommodate individual student needs related to Speech, 504, IEP, Dyslexia, GT, ESL, and Tier 3 intervention. On-campus Special Education services will be available if needed.



Online K-5 Students – All of the items above, plus for subject area instruction, we will use the following: For Math, we will use For Reading, Writing, and Social Studies, we will use Learning, and for Science, we will use and Science Fusion. Edgenuity Courseware may be used to enhance online curriculum from 3rd grade on up. Each specials teacher will upload one pre-recorded lesson each week, which all students must participate in and complete. Co-curricular classes will be offered online or in person once a week to all students in the areas of Robotics, Chess, CS Lewis and the Classics, and Pre-Debate. 


Online 6th Grade Students – Edgenuity Courseware (an online curriculum platform with courses metered to align with the NIA curriculum and pacing) will be used for all core subjects (Math, ELAR, Science, and Social Studies). Each specials teacher will upload one pre-recorded lesson each week, which all students must participate in and complete. Co-curricular classes will be offered online or in person once a week to all students in the areas of Robotics, Chess, CS Lewis and the Classics, and Pre-Debate. 


Online 7-12 Students Edgenuity Courseware (an online curriculum platform with courses metered to align with the NIA curriculum and pacing). Elective courses will also have weekly lessons, with accompanying assignments that will need to be completed, as well. Co-curricular classes will be offered online or in person once a week to all students in the areas of Robotics, Chess, CS Lewis and the Classics, Debate, and Cybersecurity. Student support staff will schedule ZOOM classes with parents and students to accommodate individual student needs related to Speech, 504, IEP, Dyslexia, GT, ESL, and Tier 3 intervention.



While some students are learning through in-person instruction, those students who have opted for online learning may be provided virtual learning opportunities if situations warrant such an experience. Because it is not possible and not ideal for students from Pre-K through 2nd grade to be on the computer for as many hours as virtual learning will require, this option will not be encouraged for students of those grade levels on a regular basis.  

Newman will be prepared to use synchronous learning if situations require it.

Administrators and teachers will inform parents/students who opt for online instruction of the need for synchronous learning and offer help as necessary.



There are 2 types of attendance—for truancy purposes and for credit. For truancy purposes, all students must log in and complete some coursework each day. However, for credit purposes, students must log in and complete all class assignments in a timely manner. Therefore, in order to get attendance and progress in a timely manner, Newman requires that students log in every school day and perform coursework.



Brooke of Life (BOL) will offer its services to take care of students, bring enrichment programs and activities, help with homework, etc., before/after school for families that choose in-person instruction and on-line instruction. Please contact the BOL office in the respective campuses if you have questions. For more information, please visit


Cedar Hill                         Ft Worth                       Fielder                            Mansfield                      Grace
469-805-8370                  682-999-5609               682-999-4929                682-999-5616                682-999-5422


We hope this information enables you to make an informed decision about the options that Newman offers as methods of instruction. The online registration form for must be completed by Thursday, August 6th, 2020 (one week prior to start of school).

Please do not hesitate to contact your campus office for any additional information or help that you may need. 


                                                  Campus Phone Numbers


NIAA – Fielder………….………….(682) 207-5175

NIAA – Gibbins……….……………(682) 207-5265

NIAFW – Fort Worth….……………(817) 655-2255

NIAG – Grace…………….…………(817) 655-2156

NIAM – Mansfield……….…………(682) 400-4010

NIAP – Pioneer………….………….(682) 331-7095

NICH – Cedar Hill Elementary….….(682) 207-5078

NICH – Cedar Hill Secondary..……..(682) 207-5061



We are here for you. 

 Newman International Academy Administration