District Leadership

NIA District Leadership

Superintendent - Dr. Sheba George
Senior Assistant Superintendent - Betty Sims
Assistant Superintendent - Donna Hart
Assistant Superintendent Trainee - Holly Temte
Director of Operations/Executive Assistant to the Superintendent - Jenny Gondeiro
Director of Finance - Josiah Jerome
Director of Facilities - Ron Gondeiro
Director of 
Accountability, Testing, Textbook, & Online Education - Jay Tinklenberg


NIA Department Head Leadership

Assistant to the Director of Resource Management - Rob Johnson
Business Manager - Julie Green
Human Resource Manager - Dorothy Brusaw
Human Resource Specialist - Claudia Ortiz
District Special Events & Fundraising Coordinator - Shawn Marie Aiken
Honorary International Multi-Cultural Liaison - Lisa McFarland
IT Manager - Jeremy Hendrickson
Retention Intervention Manager - Dorothy Hayes
Enrollment & Retention Coordinator - Keren Johnson
ESL Coordinator - Pam Stampp
ESL School Improvement Specialist - Dr. Natalie Blasingame
Special Education Director - Briana Evans
Assistant Special Education Director - Tracy Rodman
Food Service Director - Isiah Mataruka
Media Coordinator - Eduardo Mataitis
Web, Graphic Design, Photo, Information Coordinator - Marc Petrie
Lead Team Instructional Guide/Student Info. System Coordinator - Stephen Arul Pragasam
Science Instructional Guide - Dr. Ebenezer Joseph
Science Instructional Coach - Katrina Witts
ELAR Instructional Guide - Angela Lewis
ELAR Instructional Guide/PreK - Stephanie Antkowiak
Math Instructional Guide - Stacy Brown
Parent Family Engagement Liaison - Matthew Daniels
District Academic Counselor - Rhonda Rice
District Behavioral Counselor - Dr. Astacia Jones
District Fine Arts Coordinator - Michael Tolorunleke
Assistant Fine Arts Coordinator - Elizabeth Rooney
District PEIMS Coordinator - Cecilia Fox
CCMR/CTE Coordinator - Kelly Magee
Civil Air Patrol & Aerospace - Dr. Phill Gerke
Cybersecurity Point Person - Denise Longino
District Nurse - Michael Smith
Grants & Reports Compliance Coordinator - Cherith West