Co-Curricular Classes

Our co-curricular classes are designed to develop the student’s mind in ways that cannot be accomplished by the state-required curriculum alone. Over the past century, the needs of the marketplace have driven the state curriculum, which has caused it to become more pragmatic. Of course, at Newman International Academy we recognize the necessity and utility of a curriculum that prepares students for higher education and vocation. Such is needed and extremely important! However, this endeavor to narrow the curriculum’s focus has forced many public schools to eliminate some disciplines that, not only serve as the foundation for better student performance in the basic state-required-curriculum, but also aids the student in becoming a better and more strategic thinker. Life is full of difficult choices, a strategic thinker has a great advantage. At Newman, we have implemented co-curricular classes to ensure that our students are fully prepared to strategically engage in education, vocation, and most importantly, life.