Debate is a long-valued method of education, traditionally called rhetoric. It aids a student in developing numerous skillsets, some of which are not immediately obvious. First, debate helps a student develop self-confidence, as he or she regularly stands before an audience explaining and declaring propositions. Second, debate teaches a student how to analyze propositions. In a world where social-media appears always to have the last word, this skill is of paramount importance. Third, the ability to stand against a proposition held persuasively by others, empowers the student to be an individual among his or her peers; it helps him or her to be a leader rather than a follower. Fourth, debate demands discipline: discipline of the mind, and of behavior. This teaches the student to think and act in accordance with reason, rather than emotion. Fifth, debate teaches a student to speak persuasively, which is, of course, integral to any relationship and vocation. Maybe the most important skill learned in debate, is strategic thinking, i.e.: “If I say this, he will say that, which will allow me to close this way.” This translates well into all academic endeavors, (test preparation for example) and a profitable life.