High School Mentorship Program

Our High School Mentorship Program is designed as a tool to help steer our amazing students in the right direction, helping them become who they were created to be and do what they were created to do.

This is done through

Having lunch with the students
Being available to listen to problems students may be having
Have preventive/interventive talks with students who are on the brink of getting in trouble, and then getting them back on track
Going to their games and other extracurricular activities (basketball, soccer, choir, etc.)
The Mentorship Class

Many students in every high school are dealing with a myriad of problems that have set them back and have caused them to become stuck in life. Some are dealing with losing a loved one, others are being bullied, some have parents who have divorced, and there are those who just lack direction and purpose for their lives. Through the Newman Mentorship Program, students are provided a plan to deal with these problems successfully.

The Mentorship Class specifically focuses on key elements that will set these students up to be able to overcome their difficulties and lead triumphant lives.

Some of the key elements found in the curriculum are

Identity: Who Are You?
Finding Your Purpose and Vision
Mind, Emotions, and Will
• Character Traits
Learning How to Make the Right Decisions
Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Respecting Authority

Here’s what students who have taken the class are saying about it:

One 12th grader said, “This class helped me identify where my insecurities came from. Now I have received the tools to deal with stress.”
An 11th grader said, “This class helped me get toxic things out of my life.”
12th grader: “I learned not to let my emotions control what I do.”
11th grader: “This class helped me in the area of leadership.”
10th grader: “I was going through a hard time with my eating disorder and a breakup; going to this class helped me get a good perspective on who I am and what I have to offer. This class has helped me become a more positive person.”
9th grader: “This class help me accept myself.”
12th grader: “I found my purpose through this class.”

Mr. Matthew Daniels
High School Mentor
Parent and Family Engagement specialist