College, Career & Military Readiness


Newman students from Pre-K through 12th grade are prepared for college. The emphasis on college preparation is also evident in the numerous honors and advanced level courses that are made available on every campus, enabling students to develop the rigor, knowledge, study skills and tenacity needed to be successful in their higher education.

The counselors and Coordinator of College, Career and Military Readiness (CCMR) work specifically with the students to help acquire scholarships for college. Newman Academy graduates are going to college this year with over $2 million in scholarships! Enrichment class time enables students to gain tutoring and specialized training in core subjects, Gifted and Talented (GT), leadership and community service programs that colleges require, International Studies and Travel program, and SAT/ACT preparation.

Newman offers all the endorsement tracks recommended by Texas Education Agency, namely STEM, Career Technology Education (CTE), Business and Industry, Human services including medical track and law, Information Technology, Arts and Humanities, and Foreign Languages.

Newman currently has partnership with higher education institutions such as the University of Texas at Arlington, Dallas Community College, Tarrant Community College, and Valley Forge Military Academy. Students at the high school level are able to enroll in dual credit classes and gain both high school and college credit. These dual credit classes give college and school credit while still maintaining connection with the support system of high school teachers, counselors, and administration.



Newman students prepare for careers throughout their time at Newman. At the elementary level, students participate annually in Career Day. At the middle school level, students spend an entire semester exploring potential careers; then in high school, students are encouraged to select a specific career-tech (CTE) track to prepare for specialized careers such as Engineer, Business Management, Nurse, Attorney, Teacher, etc.

In addition, students are given opportunities to prepare for industry-based certifications that will boost their resumes and employment skills. For those students who want to explore careers in Fine Arts, Newman also provides ample opportunities for students to gain experience in the fields of theater, music, and art.

In support of career preparation, Newman has instituted the WIN (Workforce In Training at Newman) program, in which 9th - 12th grade students complete community service and internship hours as a requirement for high school graduation. These connections with local non-profit organizations as well as local businesses and industries give students invaluable experience and on-the-job training that will support their success in employment -- throughout high school, during college, and after college graduation.



Newman currently partners with Valley Forge Military Academy (VFMAC) to encourage students to consider a military career and officer training. In addition, Newman seniors are able to participate cost-free in Warrior Week, an annual, one-week training in military, police, and security activities -- a perfect preparation for students who are interested in advancing into military careers. Self defense is encouraged and taught in many campuses. Students participate in Civil Air Patrol (CAP), an auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. JROTC or National Cadet Program may soon be a part of our military readiness program!



Newman recently hired a College, Career, and Military Readiness (CCMR) Coordinator to strengthen and expand Newman's offerings. Our coordinator works alongside Newman Administrators, Academic Counselors, WIN Program Coordinator and teachers to support students on their path to success in the areas of college, career, and military. Each campus has further resources on-hand to explain details regarding honors classes, college prep, dual credit, career-technology education (CTE), and military training.